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I have both games and am running Windows 10 (1703). Every time I go to launch the game I get a white box in the corner for a couple of seconds then an error MISE.exe has stopped working.

My windows 10 build 15063.540
My NVIDIA driver : version 385.28

Does someone have a clue ?


Après de multiples tentatives le jeux "Monkey Island 2 édition spéciale" ne semble pas fonctionner sur Windows 10 mis à jours (1703 version 15063.540), ni avec les drivers NVIDIA à jours (version 385.28). Pourtant, le jeux fonctionnait hier soir, correctement sur mon ordinateur...

Si quelqu'un à une solution ?
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Try renaming MISE.exe to something else, like Monkey2.exe. I don't recall if GOG installs compatibility settings for MISE.exe or not, but that's the solution in Windows 10 for the games that they do.

If that doesn't work, do you have it installed under Program Files? Try running it as an administrator or moving the folder elsewhere (like C:\Games). It tries to create a monkey2.bin file on first launch and maybe it's having a permission issue creating it.
Runs fine on my rs4 Win10x64, version 1803, build 17128 installation, AMD RX-480 8GB, Adrenalins 18.3.3.