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Hello and welcome to our little FAQ where you can find answers to your questions regarding the game.


How does Auto-Save work?
The game will autosave every time you enter a room.

Can I change the difficulty?
You cannot change difficulty partway through a game. This is because it would ruin some puzzles. You can tell if your game is Hard Mode if it has an icon next to it in the load menu. Casual Mode saves will have no icon.

What is Writer's Cut?
Writer's Cut adds more dialog to some conversations.

What is the horse armor?
All pre-order customers will receive the exclusive ‘Horse Armor’ item in their inventory. It has no use in the game and in no way will contibure to to the gameplay, puzzles, or narrative of Return to Monkey Island. But it is very exclusive.


I am stuck on a puzzle
What does the hint book tell you to do? It will give you more accurate help than we can, since it knows what you have and haven’t done so far. Consider that Hard and Casual Mode may have different puzzles.

I have issues with settings
Some settings cannot be changed based on other settings. Our system doesn’t disable settings that cannot be used. For example, if you set it so you have only text showing, you can still play with the voice volume, it just won’t do anything. Another example is when you have voice on, you cannot slow down the text speed.

How to change render option DirectX12/Vulkan

First locate the pref.json file.
The files are located in the following folders:
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Terrible Toybox/Return to Monkey Island
Windows: %AppData%\Roaming\Terrible Toybox\Return to Monkey Island
Changing the setting in the Prefs sets which renderer we try first. In Prefs.json add:
renderer: "directx" to force DirectX 12 (this is the default on Windows).
renderer: "vulkan" to force Vulkan.

I cannot remap keys/Change controls
Almost any key can be remapped. However, you cannot remap the mouse or controller buttons currently.
The remapping must be a "string" and following the format modifier+awhere modifier is any combination of zero or more shift, control, ctrl, alt, option or command separated by a +. The last character or word of the string is the key.

The key is the key you would press without any modifiers. For example, if you want to remap to a $, it would be shift+4 (on a US keyboard). Use shift+a rather than A.

control and ctrl can be used interchangeably. command and option are only on Mac. On Windows, alt and command are the same thing.

The following special key names can be used:
esc, period, tab, space, return, backtick, backslash, num1, num2, num3, num4, num5, num6, num7, num8, num9", home", pageup, pagedown, delete, backspace, end, right, left, down, up

You can also use mousemiddle to invoke a key event when the middle mouse button is pressed. By default it skips dialog.

Keybindings are saved in Prefs.json in a keybindings: { } dictionary.

Below are the remappable keys and their default:

keybindings: {
skipDialog: "period"
skipDialog2: "mousemiddle"
pauseGame: "space"
overrideCutscene: "esc"
quit: "control+q"
fastQuit: "alt+q"
showOptions: "o"
showHelp: "h"
takeScreenshotUI: "shift+control+s"
esc: "esc"
inventory: "i"
inventoryAlt: "v"
map: "m"
todo: "t"
showLastSayline: "comma"
showNextSayline: "m"
saveGame: "command+s"
loadGame: "command+l"

Mac crash and how to solve it.
The best option is to first try to update your operating system. If that doesn't fix the crash, then you should add in the following line to your Prefs.json file:metalCompatibilityDisableMipmaps: 1You can find your Prefs file here:~/Library/Application Support/Terrible Toybox/Return to Monkey Island

Directx12 and why we use it
Despite their similar names, DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 are very different APIs. DirectX 11, released alongside Windows 7 in 2009, takes a (relatively) high level approach to graphics similar to OpenGL or earlier versions of DirectX. The last release was in 2015 with DirectX 11.3.DirectX 12, released in 2015, is the current graphics programming API for Windows and XBox, and is similar to other modern graphics APIs like Metal or Vulkan. These newer APIs are structurally simpler than the older ones, and are designed to work better with the massively parallel GPUs and multi-core CPUs we have in computers today.Due to the huge structural differences between DirectX 11 and 12, adding support for the former would require an additional rendering back-end, custom shaders, and a substantial period of testing and performance tuning. This would be a large and complex undertaking given our small team.It's also important to note that even were we to support DirectX 11, older computers would, unfortunately, still struggle to run the game. Although it's stylistically 2D, Return to Monkey Island uses a GPU accelerated game engine, and given the high resolution images and extensive animation, requires not-insignificant CPU and GPU performance to run well.

Bug reporting
All bugs please report through our discord server ->
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