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Are there any plans to release the Monkey Island games for the Mac OS? I noticed that, as of now, they are only available for Windows.
They are offered on Steam for the Mac. Why not here? I moved from a PC to a MAC a while ago and i would love to play my games on my Mac without emulation.
Because there was no MacOS version available, I initially thought that version simply didn't exist. It does, but for some reason GoG doesn't offer it (possibly because it's created by Aspyr and falls under a different publisher). If possible, please GoG, Mac fans would love to play this on your platform!
For whatever its worth, I have successfully gotten the gog version installed on my Mac using Wine App. And I've played up to the storekeepers safe.

A Mac version would be more convenient of course. Mostly because one has to go through some hoops to install this way and some of the function key shortcuts aren't available.
Post edited November 17, 2016 by WildHorseFantasy