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epmode: Is the Time Trials DLC included with GOG's release of Mirror's Edge? I don't see it mentioned in the product page.
Thiev: It's not. For the time being it remains Origin exclusive.
If it is not the complete set I'm not interested in purchasing it.
honx: so non origin customers pay the same price but get less, just as we know ea.
Origin price is 19.99 and GOG is 3.63, I'm still with GOG even without the Time Trials. By the way are they any good? I've never played them when the game launched.
Kinda late to the party but if anyone is looking for it then this mod was made for steam version but I just tested it on my gog copy and it works.

https://www moddb com/games/mirrors-edge/addons/pure-time-trail-map-pack-steam-players1

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