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high rated
Changelog for Patch (added 03 July 2018):

* Added easy difficulty (If you already played the game you can select it from the options menu)
* Added checkpoints: now you won't have to replay a level from the beginning if you already reached a save point (Checkpoints will appear in the level selection menu after you reached them)

* Added auto-aim key when playing with a joypad (Y on xbox controller, Triangle on PS4 controller, top action button in generic controllers)
* Improved roll controls (Now it is easier to roll again after the previous roll finished to dodge enemy fire. Piero won't stop anymore to reload the gun if roll started while reloading)
* Enemy revolver fire won't destroy a cover and kill Piero in the same shot anymore
* Implemented auto aim lock on street signs
* Better aim mechanic during the chase scene, with auto lock on enemy vehicles

* Boss fights are better balanced
* Removed enemies that where already aware of player when entering certain stages
* Button tapping scene during Interlude is now easier
* Enemies that can kill you in one shot are easier to take down
* Covers in the boss fight with Torinese will take more hits
* Chase scene in Chapter 7 is shorter
* Stealth section during Chapter 4 introduction (market) is easier
* Other tweaking in various scenes

* The player tram won't stay outside the left border of the screen anymore during Chapter 4 chase
* Fixed a bug that caused Piero to roll after pushing an enemy while running
* Blocked a passage that allowed to skip the first scene of Chapter 7
* Fixed some bugs related to co-op mode
* Misc. bug fixing