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If you're not sure what I mean, it's visible from the little village that's south over the river from the main area of Alvar. I went up there, killed a few wasps, and went over to investigate. When I clicked on it I got a nonsensical message - can't remember it exactly but it was two words and at least one wasn't an actual word. I got the effect on my portrait as if it was a buff or a quest update, but nothing seems to have changed.
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(Very Small Spoiler)

Do you mean the type of obelisk that you see in each town?

It's a "secret" quest. You need to find them all, to get a clue on getting the reward.

Also, you should be able to find the message that it gave you in your autonotes, along with those from all other obelisks you've found.
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Yeah, I actually added a screenshot of it but it seems to have magically removed itself.

Ah, a secret quest - that makes more sense than it just being a weird error, which is what I first thought it was. I've found a few more since then and have been marking them on the map. Thanks for the help.