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Just thought someone might be interested in watching a stream, with a dude playing those "good old games"... getting tips, giving tips... instead of all those wow streams etc... :p

I randomly stream Baldur's Gate etc, but decided to play through some M&M games again, and heck why not stream it, could be someone out there would find it funny, to turn on PC, and see the Old Geek play some Old Games! :p

If you feel like watching, press follow, and come chat when i stream! :)

Im old with kids, so i dont stream 24/7, but i try to stream as much as possible.
Streaming now... tune in ...
Back to streaming, around level 50 solo sorc atm... things are starting to be pretty hard... tips welcome!
Should hopefully be finishing the game today... join the fun :)
Completed the game, level 131 solo sorc.
M&M 7 next...
Time to play Might & Magic 7... solo playthrough again, with a sorc.
No idea how this will go, since i remember some hard times getting water master?

Anyways, tune in to chat etc...