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I have longed for ages to do an lp of the M&Mseries I grew up with. The games in question are number 6-8 in the series. Are they GOGversion compatible with any kind of recording software and in that case which? :)
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How is this marked as solved? There is no answer :O
Could someone from GOG try out a recording software and confirm that it works? :)
I've recommended ZDSoft's Screen Recorder program. I know for a fact that it will record MM6 thru MM8 without issues.
I recorded an MM8 speedrun recently. It was running in a window though.

This open source software was used for recording (v0.6.7 at the time):

It's not as simple to use as a lot of recorders, but if your soundcard is like mine, it doesn't have a "What U Hear" option for recording. The above software provides a loopback setting which allows recording of whatever is playing from the speakers, without needing any extra cables. Resulting file size is huge as there is no compression built in, but quality is perfect.

Also, disabling Windows Aero made a massive difference to recording speed.