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While some may argue Might and Magic VI wasn't quite as good as it's predecessors when it came to complexity and overall depth, I feel that it marked an important jump into 3-D, as all games were doing in-around the mid-late 1990s.

Just recently however I've managed to get into the game -AGAIN- after nearly a decade hiatus. It's still as enjoyable to me now as it was when I played it at the turn of the 21st century.

Unfortunately there were still a number of bugs in the game that became somewhat bothersome. I have not tried any of the unofficial patches, and considering that I still hold the game from the Might & Magic: Millennium Edition, I'm able to play it without having to buy it off

Unless there is a config file I missed, or a way to tamper with the actual settings, there is no way I can configure the keyboard settings for the game. Might and Magic VII offers this feature, as there are certain places in that game that require the use of 'FLY' (Air Magic spell which is used with the Page Up, Page Down keys). MIght and Magic VI however, doesn't.

As with most games, I change the key configurations to where they feel most appropriate for my preferences. In the past I played Might and Magic VI on a Windows 98 desktop, where I had the 'Home', 'End',' Page Up', 'Page Down' keys. Even then there was no key configuration feature, and the laptop I'm using doesn't have those keys. Furthermore, I switched over to Macintosh after my Windows desktop had completely crashed (not Windows 98, but Windows Vista).
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Never mind, Greyface's patch includes the key configurations.