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Hi there - only found out about about gog last night, and today I bought MM1-6 and MM7 (if only I had known about this place sooner! I loved these games).

downloaded MM7 about an hour ago, and decided to play it first. I installed and it seemed to do that OK. Went to play and it got about half way through the 3DO in that 'deep 3DO voice', right at the very beginning, and then just froze. I think I must of ctrl + alt + delete to bring up task manager and found the following error on the screen....

Direct Draw Error
D:\mm7Src_eng\MM7\Code\Screen16.cpp at line number: 2669

I have no idea what that means.. I'm not tech savvy at all. Please can anyone tell me what that means, and if I will be able to play the game.
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Run setup and change configuration to Software Accelerated mode.
Or, alternatively, switch your desktop from 32-bit to 16-bit mode before playing.
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I was able to see that I have two icons in the MM7 folder.. one that launches the game and another called 'options'. When I clicked the 'options' icon I was able to deselect "Hardware Accelerated 3D" and select "Software 3D" . I went and changed to 16-bit also.... the game is going great now. thanks for you help
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Just a note, when running in Software mode you don't have to switch to 16bit.
Enjoy the game, it is well worth it :)