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I needed a quick consulting guide to figure out where to travel each month for avoid wasting time:
Shrines gives a permanent bonus of +10 the first time you visit them in right month and after that +3 all following months.
Also added Wells/Fountains that give something permanent.

I added also the potions that gives permanent stats in a visive format that helps to quickly determine wich ingredients you need. (they were part from an old guide I made but that I cannot longer find, so I just re-done the part of stats potions... there are still few potions I didn't added)

trave2l.jpg (250 Kb)
Post edited August 30, 2013 by DarioGOII
Thanks, this will help a lot. Especially the potion guide. I usually end up spending way too much time trying to write everything down in a big complicated jumble. Never thought of just color coding the whole mess.