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I've been playing World of Xeen and was bothered by the lack of single key number pad strafing. In Lands of Lore, and, I believe, the Eye of the Beholder games (same engine), you could strafe using Num4 and 6, turning with Numpad7 and 9.

In MM III, IV and V, you need to hold down ctrl + Numpad4/6 (or ctrl + left/right) to strafe. Below is an AutoHotKey script which allows you to strafe conveniently using Numpad7/9:

; Might and Magic III - V Strafe Hotkeys

IF NOT A_IsAdmin
Run *RunAs "%A_ScriptFullPath%"

#SingleInstance Force
#IfWinActive DOSBox

Numpad7:: ; Strafe left
Send, {Ctrl down}
Send, {Left down}
Sleep, 30
Send, {Left up}
Send, {Ctrl Up}

Numpad9:: ; Strafe right
Send, {Ctrl down}
Send, {Right down}
Sleep, 30
Send, {Right up}
Send, {Ctrl Up}

If your computer is on the slow side, you may want to change the "Sleep, 30" lines to "Sleep, 60", or higher until the hotkeys work 100% of the time.

If you want exact Lands of Lore controls with turning on Numpad7 and 9, you can use DOSBox's built-in key mapper to switch Numpad7 and 4, and Numpad9 and 6. Then modify the script similarly such that strafe left is Numpad4 and strafe right is Numpad6.

If you're new to AutoHotKey, just install it from the official site. This should create an association with .ahk (script) files. Copy the above script and paste it into a new text file, then rename that file to have .ahk at the end, e.g. mmstrafe.ahk. Double-click the script file and you'll find it running in the background. It will only be active when it detects DOSBox is the active window.
Post edited July 16, 2017 by galneon