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I didn't play M&M 6 in years (and back then, I just played, so to say) and currently I am quite confused by character stats and their exact effects. What does, as example, might do? When I set might to 21 I should get a bonus of +4. However, how does that work? Does 21 might mean that I get a bonus of +4 damage on each hit?

If anyone could help me with the exact effects of the various stats or could point me towards a guide that gives clear answers I would be very thankful :)
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Yes, the +4 bonus for 21 STR translates to +4 damage.
There is probably details in the clue book, which I assume is available for download at GOG for those who purchased the game there.
I actually both own a physical copy and the GOG version because it does not need a CD... I will have a look, I thought I would only get the manual and some media files with my purchase.
I had a look and there is no cluebook for MM6. However, there are cluebooks for 1-5 - do they still represent the stat system used in the later games or are there differences?

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