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If using the GOG version, there is no need to download the 1.3a unofficial patch. Upon applying the patch, the files will return as "already updated", and the patch will not apply.

Some of the sites below must be accessed through the "Wayback Machine" website, as the originals return 404s. The links should do this for you automatically, however.

None of the below are my work. All credit to the original authors.

I. Fixes
II. Info, FAQs, and Walkthrough
III. Trainers, Cheats, Editors
IV. Further Info
V. Beginner Tips

I. Fixes

Official and unofficial patches for any who are interested or use non-GOG version:

Mouse lag:
Increase "max fps" setting in autoexec.cfg (in mm9 base folder). By default it is set to 0.

Can't create other party members:
MM9 is driven with the mouse, so many interactions become tied to the keyboard. Use tab to go to next character, or one of the number keys to go to the respective character slot.

Long load time for inventory, map, etc:
This could cause hang on load screen. Small save previews will be black.
May be included in GOG version.

Hang on loading screen:
You may need to look in the replies for the working download.
Seems to be included in GOG version.

Counteract losing artifacts by entering black chest area too early:
Found under text:
"A trainer made by KC Wong to change the artifact table"
Note that this can cause repeated artifacts. May need to save/load to get something new.

II. Info, FAQs, and Walkthrough

Maps, info, items, etc. One of the most complete listings of info, originally by Flamestryke(RIP), made accessible once more by Snagfaru:

FAQ to help through the game. Some outdated (patched) information:
As well as a bug page with workarounds, tips, and exploitable bugs:

Klaravoyia's FAQ pages (some very important DO NOTs & workarounds):

A walkthrough of all quests, with difficulty estimates, plus various other useful information (such as boat schedules):

III. Trainers, Cheats, Editors

This page has plenty. Under text:
"The Might and Magic IX Trainers and Editors"

IV. Further Info

Good technical information, plus some fixes, for all versions of the game:

Very helpful forum with knowledgeable folks on this particular mm game:
Some of the folks who worked on the unofficial patch still post there.

V. Beginner Tips

Shift + S sells items, as stated in the tutorial. However, shift may also be used with the number keys to quickly change items from one inventory to another. Saves a lot of time.

Save often. Even while "just" talking to NPCs. Save in different slots. If you've saved over one slot 10+ times, delete it and make a new one.

If a save fails to load (crash), try loading another save (or starting a new game), then attempt to load the one that crashed afterward. Once in a while, this can recover the save.
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