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I know, I know....why in the name of our lord and saviour Ethric the Mad would I want to play this....well, honestly....a bit of nostalgia, a bit of boredom and a whole lot of masochism(I suspect).

Anyway, on the my problem.

I've installed the game from the GoG interface and when I try to start it I am greeted with a standard windows crash notification "MMIX has stopped working - Check online for solution/Close the program".

Note that I'm trying to run this on Windows 7.

Things I've already tried:
- all the OS compatibility options (XP all service packs, 2000, 98)
- run as administrator
- disabled visual themes and desktop composition
- run in 640x480 resolution

So....anybody got any ideas?
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You say you've installed it from the GOG interface, do you mean Galaxy?

If so, try the offline installers