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After you first complete the smuggler mission, if you return to the smuggler cove you will get a warning to not nter the storeroom and if you do will be strongly attacked. The thing is that a quest item is in one of the storerooms and I didnt collect it on the first run through.
*shrug* So just go in and get it. They'll settle down eventually.

Edit: I don't mean they'll settle down while you're still in the smuggler's cove, just that after you leave, eventually they won't be hostile when you return. You'll have to fight your way through, but it won't really be worse than when you have to fight your way in the first time.
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Thank-you very much. I was wondering about that, the hostility factor.
The only thing in the cove that actually matters is the "throne room" with the were rat leader, and I'm not sure that is ever blocked off regardless of whether the rest of the dungeon is hostile.

Everything else in there is either walking XP or containers holding loot.