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I'm not getting MM7 (or MM8, for that matter) to start for more than a few seconds before crashing. My screen resolution changes, I get a huge grey box and the Spinning Circle of Death, and then I'm back to the desktop, and Galaxy syncs as though I've just closed the game.

I have read through the forums extensively and tried the following things, all of which I found suggested here:

+ Unplugged my headset (that seemed to be the primary recommended fix for Win 10 here)
+ Run as admin
+ Run the compatibility troubleshooter
+ Messed about with my compatibility settings
+ Told it to run in 8-bit color

So far, nothing has helped. I am not up for trying to mess with patches or changing the coding - I really just want to play the game.

Any suggestions?
Did you try switching between hardware and software rendering in the game's Config program?