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I have completed the trumpet quest but then am not given the choice quest. I have traveled to Harmondale on foot, horse, and anyway I can. I have went back and forth a dozen times. Is my game glitched or is there something I missed? It has been a while since I last played it.
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You have to wait about one month after the trumpet quest and only than the old arbiter will die. You will get a message about it, and then you will have to travel to Harmondale and meet ambassadors. If you want it so badly (i.e. you have completed most of the side quests) just let the time pass in some cheap inn.

EDIT: it turned out it took about three months...
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Actually I'm not so sure whether it was 30 days or something else... but I'm certain that Judge Gray will not die immediately after the Trumpet quest. You have to wait a bit for that
Ghorpm is right, you have to wait, and it will happen on its own. And yes, I think it is a month or so.
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Thanks for the quick response. It took about 3 months.
phash69: Thanks for the quick response. It took about 3 months.
You can mark the topic as solved now ;) I edited my post and put an information that it takes 3 months
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