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I started playing this game and noticed some flashing graphics on menus ect.
I was annoyed but the game was playable, but when I got the archomage deck and tried to play a game, all of the cards were blank. Not just flashing, but blank.

Anybody have this problem?
Sounds like an issue with your video card... some things you can quickly try:

1) Do you have DirectX 9 installed? You need DX9 for old games, even if you already have DX10 or DX11 installed. They are different and can be installed at the same time as one another. So you'll have DX11 installed for your new games AND DX9 installed for older ones.

2) Do you have the latest drivers for your graphics card? Even though MM7 is an older game, new drivers can often fix video issues.

Also, what OS are you running? This may have an effect on how to fix the problem.

Those are both general advice options... I have not yet played MM7 so I don't know about game-specific causes. Anyone else know if there's a fix specific to MM7 for this?
See this thread [url=][/url] for more people with the flashing problem.

Haven't played far by now so I can't tell aything about the Arcomage problem.

Would be interesting to hear what OS you are using.
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I had to disable crossfireX on my video cards. This game doesn't need SLI anyway.

Works great now.