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If the game ever gets too hard, there's a secret area in the game with a chest that maxes your party gold to 10000. There's no limit to the number of times. There's also a room that raises your temp stats to 250. Its reachable in the first town. I've played 6 and 7 more times than I can remember.
CorporalNobbs: Talking about Spirit Magic: Bless, like iatus said, is fine, because it increases the chance to hit, but it should be combined with Heroism to inflict more damage.

I also try to get Learing to Expert as soon as possible to gain more experiance.
echo that. you want to level up your spirit magic early on.

imo Paladin, Archer, Druid, Sorcerer is the party of choice.
I wrote a simple walkthrough, but my website got hacked.

If you didn't consider load/save as cheating (specially in THIS situation, since luck totally play a part).

- as you create a char, remember that the first well is a luck well, so no need to spend there as much as you think.
- go to the tavern to talk about the letter
- go to castle ironfist to talk about the letter, and gain cash.

here is the deal: donate once or twice to get good reputation. then look around for a person that can do town portal spell per day. she will cost you 2000 gold, but totally worth it (you will keep her long enough to actually be a master in water yourself). This is where you might need to keep on re-loading until there is such person in Castle Ironfist.

- town portal to silver cove, get the horse stable mission. use combination of camping on grass and town portal to achive most of the stable, and take the horse to the rest. you will receive 25,000 gold if you do in within a month or 25 days or something.

- just remember that as you talk to stables either in the new scorpigal / free heaven, don't forgot to buy water walk speel. and blue root ho increase your mana, since your party is still first level.
- use this opportunity to do jan pilgrimage.
- then train you party from first level to 9 level. get expert in merchant, while your fighter expert in sword. buy good weapon and armour (the expert merchant help).
- be expert in water.

by now you are in feb. pilgrimage. go to mist, talk about wizard (?) promotion. just take the ship to bbe and water walk yourself to the magic well to drink it. teleport back. get good experience.

by now you can play the game on your own, i think. with starting money of 25K and level of 9, the rest of the game should be easy.

oh, try drinking from most of permanent char stat well before drinking from barrel.

do not spend horse shoe on your fighter and bow person (?), you spell caster need all the help they can get.
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The first thing you do when you start the game is join the elemental and self guilds. Your money should be gone, go to the well by the tavern and have a drink. (you have to have zero money for the well to give you more money) I think it gives you an extra 100, now talk to the guy in the tavern about the letter. Some more money is given to you. You should have 1100 total money now.

I usually get everyone merchant before going to deliver the letter but it means you'll have a day to wait for the coach to the next town. I start as druids so I need all the money I can get at the start for their skills, I also don't have to worry about bows at first since everyone usually has magic for ranged attacks

ETA, The patch makes your characters always run which will cause them to not fight very well in real time. So I always give everyone at least 14 in speed and if possible 14 in accuracy. If you're having trouble hitting the monsters hold down the shift key to stop running or go into turn based mode, I prefer real time mode.
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When I start I have two sorcerers-- but one I treat as an archer. Which means I increase endurance and accuracy at the expense of intelligence. I do this so this secondary sorcerer can concentrate on Air magic and bowmanship while my main sorcerer works on fire then water then earth. Good air magic not only improves your fly time, but it gives you a "sparks" option that is good for crowd control until late in the game.

Flame arrow is worthless so try to get flame bolt asap. Sparks and flame bolt are a pretty good one two punch early on for crowds and sparks and incinerate (or "ring of fire") are pretty good for the mid-game for crowds.

For my entourage, I usually have scholar so I don't waste money on identification and get experience to boot. Instructors and gate masters are useful too early on.

if you want to go toe to toe early on you are going to have to spend points on endurance in character creation and the Cleric should be beefed up on body magic for more healing.

Hope this helps,
I prefer to beef the water magic early on, so that I can throw away the expensive gate portal person.

There are several non combat mission that can help this done early on (stable, stop snow, drink fountain magic). only after i sent the town portal packing do I collect the awesome treasure (the chest in kriegspire and also the chest containing shield). good income on top of the original 25K mission. Getting the shield give good income too.

Then I beef up the archer with expert water, just to be good at lyod beacon.

using combination of fly, lyod beacon, town portal, people that short travel time, I try to go to all obelisk, and get it done.

250,000 GP with Master Merchant will beef up your party real quick, real early.

As I said in my other post, MM6 have no character level limitation at using weapons or armour. So buy the best. And also buy non-enchanted cool items and try giving it cool enchatments.
i have to add, you can complete the obelisk mission at the level of 15. lyod beacon adn town portal helps. buti in order to go to other location fast, hire explorer and the links ( there are the one that less 3 day, less 2 day, and less 1 day. just hire less 3 and less 2. it will bring border travel down to 1 from 5.

important places such as dragonsand can be bacon for future travel.

fly spel makes most obelisk accessible without much fight. fly there, press enter, go down, click, go up and fly away (or just town portal to other town outright for other beacons).