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Surprisingly get 1,373,410 ... may be i had to go 1 day more for 6 days finish..

Down you will find most of the recording of the Game i played (as slowly as i can) again...
Some boring parts; Reparing items, searching for Patfinder and Tracker or Explorer, cleaning all the maps in Dragonsands and Hermit etc. I did not recorded...
My microsoft expression gives me max. 10 min. Record, thats why so many saves... I tried to put some musics related to the scenes but some of them cancelled because of copyrights and may be some will be also in future... if so happens i will put the saves again without musics...

I highly recommended for all players to focus on council quests and to get blasters very first. After you may start the game... (which means you will never need to be expert in any weapon) I mean it, some can say running and getting what you need, is a coward play ... absolutly NO,,, i find it so wise..., if you will clean all the maps afterall... Look how easy to get mem.crystals

Do not forget Watermagic is the key of the game, better to have 2 experts... other two your choice...

Play.01 : Nice & Easy

Play.02 : Start

Play.03 : Freehaven

Play.04 Watermagic

Play.05 Magic Door

Play.06 Pathfinder

Play.07 Price Fixing

Play.08 Kriegspire

Play.09 Dragon Towers

Play.10 Gharik's Forge

Play.11 Council

Play.12 Castle Darkmoor

Play.13 Varn 1

Play.13 Varn 2

Play.13 Varn 3

Play.13 Varn 4

Play.14 Alamos (exalibur) & Supreme Baa

Play 15 Dragons & Titans

Play 16 Hive

Play 17 End 1,373,410 - 7 Days