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A few question.

1. pretty much all of the status magic by you don't work, fear / stun / slow / feeblemind etc... it doesn't even work on Goblins, is there any way to fix that? or does it actually work but the dice is so off that the odds of it working is near none-existent?

(I have downloaded the fan patch at the top)

2. although those stats do work against you... but some of them the effect seems unclear, effect like Curse / Weakness are clear enough, but what does say.. drunk / fear actually do?

Thx for anyone that can help me with some of these answers
Status effects in MM6 are useless. Don't bother casting them. As for drunk/fear etc. I think they only reduce your stats.
Try the status spells with expert or master training in the magic skills. It may or may not work.