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I'm a little new at this so sorry if its been asked but has anyone tried to put any of the later M&Ms on a tablet? (VI-IX) It seems everyone is putting old school computer games on tablets so I was thinking about possibly buying a keyboard and playing it portable; if its possible.
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I think there's a version of DOSBox for Android, so you would be able to get the older ones working on a tablet with that probably.

Not too sure about the newer ones though, I'd be inclined to say that it wouldn't work
Thanks. Prob have to go with a laptop if I wanted them portable. oh well.
Yeah. I've often played Might and Magic 7 & 8 on an old laptop I have, it's 1.8Ghz with 2GB RAM (so fairly low spec really) and it runs fine. So it's not like you need something amazingly powerful, but a laptop is a much better choice that a tablet.
You could connect to your computer wirelessly with an app like Splashtop or Jump (I've only tried the former), and play it on your PC, streaming to your tablet. The downside? You'll probably get horrible image lag. If not, it's great.
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I tried MM3 per DosBox on my Cat Nova tablet.

needs definitely an external keyboard, moving the mouse cursor with a finger is too tiresome.

Otherwise it was fine, no bad loading times, no lags.