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So I wanted to start a new M&M6 run but I wanted to know if there are any mods out there that could add something interesting to the game as I've played this game a thousand times and i really enjoy it but I wanted to try it with something new or to "upgrade" the game
MMVII has a mod called the Maestro mod

Maybe they have one for MMVI
There is indeed a large MM6 mod called "The Chaos Conspiracy", which can be found here. Changes even more than the MM7RevMod did "out of the box" (more similar to the Maestro version) and has difficulty settings, iirc. By the same original author.
The first page's download link is dead, as is the one in the author's signature. The updated links and info are on the last page of the thread or here for convenience.
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I will put a good start in youtube watch that before your run