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I've started playing MM8 and everything appears to work fine most of the time. But every now and then the game crashes to desktop due to a mm8.exe error. There doesn't seem to be any regularity in this, and it doesn't ever happen in the same spot twice. I've tried to cope with it by quicksaving often, but it's starting to get frustrating.

I'm playing on Windows XP Professional with Greyface's latest patch installed and drivers updated. I also had no problems of this sort with MM6 and 7.
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Update: I've observed it happens after exiting stores and at times other buildings. Crashed once when I started browsing a store, on another occasion when I clicked close to exit a building, and in one other case it crashed after trying to exit the adventurers guild. :/
I had issues with MP3 audio and had to burn the soundtrack to a CD to get it to play in game.

I'm guessing there's some incompatibility with audio drivers and in your case, certain audio cues might be triggering it.
Thanks! I'll try that as soon as soon as I can rip myself away from Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

...which might actually be a while. Playing something modern has its charm after weeks of MM6 and 7 <.<