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It is simply awesome that MM8 should get released on GOG.

And what amazing timing, as I'm on the end game of MM7

When this game originally came out, I had to import it from America, and it cost me in the region of £70.00 with import taxes !!!!!

However, this did mean I played and completed this months before it was released in the UK.

About 3 years after the UK release I found a copy of the UK version in HMV in Kingston, and bought it as a backup. This backup cost me a grand total of £4.00 !!!!

The USA version was much better though, as the manual and map were in colour and there were colour insterts in the CD tray. Not so with the UK release which saw a black and white manual and map, and no cd case inserts !

He we are over 10 years later, buying it AGAIN. !!!!! LOL.

Ok GOG, for your next trick please release MM9, Strife, Requiem and Shadow Warrior.

Who wants some Wang ?