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Dear GOG Community,

it´s about the great 7th part of M&M series. I brought that game on for (being honest) the nice emotional memories I had with the soundtrack of that game.

It works well on Windows XP but on my netbook wih win7 the music doesn´t start. I checked the folder structure, downloaded and installed several times, started as an administrator and also tried several compatibility modes - without success. Also the hint here in the forum (rename the mp3 files) wasn´t the solution. Is there anyone who can tell me how to turn the music on with Win7 OS or what the issue is?
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I assume your Netbook has no DVD Drive?
As stated on the MM7 Productpage, you need a CD/DVD Drive or a drive emulation utility.
If you don't want to install such a tool, the Grayface Patch for MM7 (Sticky in the Might and Magic Forums) also solves the no music problem.
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I couldn´t find such a hint on the product page but independent of that - you are right. I´ve just installed demon tools lite without any specific settings, just installation. And it works now - thanks a lot!