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I just downloaded the 6 pack from this website. I have windows 7, intel i5, intel HD graphics dell laptop. I started by checking to make sure each game worked properly on my computer after downloading. From what i have noticed, 1-5 work fine. But on Might and Magic 6 the intro video freezes but i can still hear the audio. And i cant skip it. Sometimes it greyscreens, sometimes it just freezes at the 3(from 3DO im guessin). I have tried running in a compatibility mode and they all do the same thing as running it in windows 7. Compatibility mode windows 95 wont work at all, nothing happens. I have tried going through regedit and i found the game, but there was no icon for 2dacceloff, so i could not set this to 1. ( i heard this method works.) I even tried rebooting and running as an admin, no progress. If anyone can help me i would be much obliged, i have looked all through the forums and cant seem to find anything that works.
There's some advice in this thread
That thread dealt with skipping the intro scene, i can already skip it cause i downloaded patch. What im having problems with is watching the intro scene, the video freezes(or it just turns grey) but i can still hear the sound in the background. I can still get to the game and play it, but im pretty sure if the intro is freezing the cutscenes will also.
I have the same problem on my laptop, while on my desktop PC works fine. Anyone have any ideas?
That sounds like you have integrated graphics which is a world of difference from having an actual graphics card. There is a program called 3D Analayze which may help you.
I agree that incompatibility with laptop graphics is a common issue with many older games. Maybe someone knows a workaround for this particular game.
Yeah, I have issues with the cutscenes/intro as well, but the game itself works fine. I'd advise just dealing with it and finding the FMVs online, I doubt there's a fix.