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Good afternoon. At some point, my characters had a low HP level. For example: Acher Zenon III of the fourth level has 9/9 HP. but if I go to Temple and heal, the HP rises to the normal value of 38/9 HP. Please tell me how to increase the minimum HP level.
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After I bought food and rested, the HP level returned to normal.
The issue is resolved, the topic can be closed.
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The problem was that your characters were poisoned.

When you are poisoned in MM1 and 2, every time you rest you lose half of your max HP. So a poisoned character with 32 HP would rest and wake up with 16/16. Rest again and it would be 8/8, then 4/4....

It does not go away on its on, but can be removed by the 4th level Priest spell Cure Poison, or any temple for a fee.