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Thanx PetrusOctavianus for detailed info.

Still this scaling is not attractive... will try MM3 or 4-5....
My long since ex-husband bought me MM1 as a surprise gift in late 1987. I loved it, but I got frustrated with it and took an extended break from it until April of 1988. Then I sat down and finished it in about two weeks.

Almost 25 years later, I still haven't finished off 2! It's on my to-do list, and I'll be bringing over my characters from mm1 to make it easier.

I have to admit that I was always endlessly amused by the random encounters in both games. Really, why ARE four Lesser Devils, a Locust Plague, and three Sorcerers traveling together? It sounds like the start of one of those bar jokes! :D Eventually I started to think of it logically (the Sorcerers summoned the Devils, and they were all attacked by the Locust Plague, now everyone is attacking my party).

I think I did attack and win out over the Big Encounter in Portsmith. disintegration is your friend...when you're the one casting it ;)
I tried Might & Magic 1 & 2, when I bought the six-pack a couple of years ago on cd.
But I guess that was too late, despite great story I could not grow warm with the dated graphics and mouseless ui.
On the other hand I put in the odd hour with Might & Magic 3-5 regularly. But I alread got these when they came out in the early 90ies, so my experiences and memories with them are totally different.
I suppose, if there was a version Might & Magic 1 & 2 with the graphics and sound of World of Xeen, I would try it again.