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I desided to start it from part one have too say it shows it age with this game but it is still fun even if there is no automap, i have done a lot of fighting on the first floor by entering jail and the room what is straight from that room now im lvl 3 but then comes the problem i tried the dungeon below but thats 50 % of dying while my changes are better at the first floor but the problem is most encounters are monsters but the problem i noticed but more realistic is that monsters dont drop gold only humanoid does, i can get some char to lvl 4 but im out of gold and since training is expansive and i want some better stuff can someone help me with this?
Some monsters do drop gold, make sure to search after every fight. Also, if you have problems with dying, you are using status effect spells like sleep? As those help a lot.
yeah i found about that after writing this post :) but it takes time getting gold since its 100 to 150 gold to lvl up and still need all my melee char to have chain mail short sword is the best i can get atm.
I second the recommendation to use status spells. Sleep is extremely useful in the early game; I probably used it every battle. Also the destroy undead spell is quite good early on against undead enemies. Oh, and make sure Leather Skin is on pretty much all the time. The first thing I do after resting is cast Leather Skin again. It should stay on until the next time you rest.

It's probably better to save up money for levels rather than equipment. Soon, you will be finding all your equipment after battles rather than buying it at the shop. Also, higher levels probably play the largest role in how good your characters are in battle.
sleep can be handy but not every encounter does it works. Gnomes and sprites and undead are immune or very resistance to sleep.