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Lars_Rakett: Rock Blast is a cheese spell. If you want to cheese, there are way better and faster ways to do it.

My main point against earth magic is that for you to get value from Rock Blast, you will need to spend points in it. I'm guessing you're going skill level 10 in water for TP/Lloyd's, 7-10 in air for Fly and 4-7 in fire magic for Haste. Furthermore you are probably going 7-10 in spirit magic as well for heroism and dumping points into body and mind magic.

This equates to 117-189 skill points without even considering body and mind magic which sets you at level 21-31. And you don't even have a single point in any weapon, armor or misc skill at this point if you spend all on spells.

By this time, your water magic skill level 10 Acid Burst does 59 dmg single target and Poison Spray does 17 dmg x 5 shots. And now you're dumping points into earth magic to get a mediocre cheese spell that does 4.5 dmg/skill level on average?

Good luck with that. Meanwhile, a sorcerer or cleric focuses on either elemental or priest spells and has points to spare for meditation and other skills and crushes everything with Shrapmetal.
macAilpin: Druid or Sorcerer L12 for Water Master
But before I leave New Sorpigal--- Expert in Water, Air, Fire and Earth. Divided between the Sorcerer and Druid.
But going after a Lich early on will get you killed if you try a direct attack. They Drain, Blind then kill you.
And Ethric Tomb and the Werewolf Den are needed for Money and Points; and the Estate is needed for Advancement to get Water Master quickly.
So I use Rock Blast a lot for indirect attacks. Works for me.
(I forget if you have enough Points for all four expert advancements in New Sorpigal or if one has to wait).
Master being lvl 12 instead of 10 makes your choice even less viable.

I have never had problems killing liches.

I agree that a druid "works", but you having to rely on cheese tactics to kill monsters that are merely challenging to normal parties then this goes to prove that druids are bad.

Anyway, I'm done. If you want to believe your druid is over powered then go ahead.
Wanted to see how quickly I could get Water Master with Druid.
(Yes, it could have been my Sorcerer also.)

Feb 28, First Year
Druid has Master of Water and Expert in Earth

So I have no problem pushing for Water Master while keeping a punch in Earth Expert.
Post edited August 27, 2021 by macAilpin