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Honestly I never got why people dislike it so much. I can only guess that it is not as multiplayer friendly as Homm3? BUt then I am an odd one I find homm 2 to be the best and love them all :D Well I can't seem to get into homm1.... but I am still trying too.

I know some people where rather upset with them blowing up Erathia ( well the entire famned planet for that matter ) and though one of the suspected reasons was the amount of accumilated inconsistencies. I just found it to represent what was happening with the company at the time.

As a fan of both MM and Homm I appreciated what they tried to do with homm IV. And am just interested in why people did not like it. I am fully accepting the possibility that I am an oddball here :D
I don't think you're an oddball; HoMM 4 has quite a following here. I also like it personally.
However, I think you intended to ask this in the HoMM forum, and not here, in Might and Magic. Actually, I recall there was a similar thread there.
EDIT: I've found it!
Anyway, I believe many players were turned off by the huge amount of changes introduced there, along with many balance issues (some of which were never patched out), and a large dose of bugs. The super-vivid, ever moving, almost baroque-like maps didn't help, either.
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