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Oh what do i hate those monsters, i was in winterkill and those undead keeps on respawning and they keep on attacking the cleric at first i tought its a way to gain expierence so i wanted to look on internet if they give lots of xp but in my pure shock i saw they had as attack + 5 aging, I went quickly to my stats and saw that my cleric was 30 years, rest of the party is 21 and i saw that my previous save was the previous city without some of the awards i had so i have to do all over again or give up my cleric.
10 years unnatural aging is no problem in MM4, there's a way to cure unnatural aging.
As long as your characters are younger than 35 there's no stat change and as long as you're younger than 75 the changes are minimal.

In order to get rid of them you have to kill all the bone spirits in town, every single one, even those in the hidden parts of the town. Afterwards hit the gong (if you didn't remove all bone spirits they'll reappear so save first) then talk to the major.

Your cleric has to take damage for the aging effect, so improve AC with equipment and the bless spell to avoid getting hit and cast the shield spell to avoid taking damage. If the undead are too hard just gain some XP elsewhere and return a few levels higher. Freeing the town at low level is possible but can be very slow and frustrating.
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thanx i will town portal there away im glad i dont have to retire my cleric she is lvl 11 i dint know it was that dangerous there I was curious how wintwerkill was btw i notice that the robber class has a headstart with the other classes if it comes with lvling up.
does anyone know if unnatural aging is permenant or can you get rid of it? since the temple doesnt have a cure optuin for that.
Wasn't there a magical fountain somewhere where you can cure it at?
Both in MM4 and MM5 there's a way to cure unnatural aging. Just keep on exploring and doing quests and you'll find them.
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