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I'm loving the game so far - the story is great, and all the references to technology and pop culture are entertaining. That being said, one of the gameplay aspects that's been annoying is the turn length (or rather, having to deal with typing "end" for every single turn).

For many missions a non-trivial number of time is spent towards actions that:
- Cannot be interrupted (like waiting for a breaker program to destroy an ICE that's blocking a path).
- Take a large number of turns (like moving over multiple nodes).

Having to type "end" half the time - or repeating sets of commands such as "min cloak; dagger c1; remove dagger; max cloak" - really detracts from the game experience. This is especially true when using strategies that slow down movement across the network (such as when using "Mask").

So, that being said, I feel like it would be really helpful to have some sort of "automatic turn end" mechanism. Perhaps where a turn would automatically end when the player types a third action command, and the typed in action would automatically be executed as the next turn's first action.

- Some sort of text macro or hotkey system would at least cut down on some of the repetitive sequences of commands.
- Certain commands (like "move") could take sequences of nodes as arguments.
- Allow multiple commands to be entered in one line, to be executed over the course of multiple turns.