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Since this game was released and patched a few times the devs have been completely silent (occasionnaly replying to technical issues on the game's steam page I really loved Miasmata and was looking forward to their next project, whatever that may be, but it seems they're just dead now. Does anyone have any idea what's happened to them ?
Not sure. Didn't Miasmata sort of come out of nowhere? There don't seem to be many old project updates about it on their site. Just an announcement, then a trailer a few months later, than the release. They may just not talk much about their projects while they are developing them.

I dunno. I really hope they haven't died. Miasmata is one of my favorite games of all time, and I'd love to see more from them.
IonFx is just two brothers, so it's natural that they don't have time to answer to every question and they don't have PR department which would advertise their products. They said in some article that they are making new survival game, but making that may take some time and they haven't been willing to reveal more details.
Post edited August 04, 2014 by OlausPetrus