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Has anyone found a tried-and-true way to drive off the cat? Because I've tried throwing rocks at it, burning sticks, pretty much everything and it does nothing. Might as well try pissing on the thing. I've also waved a burning stick repeatedly in front of his face and he just keeps staring at it, but won't leave. Usually I just make a run for it, but occasionally he happens to appear in a location I'd like to search thoroughly, instead of having to run in random directions.

I would actually much prefer the game without the cat monster: he's not scary at all, just annoying and merely a nuisance with the only purpose of setting the player's progress back by appearing at the most inconvenient times. It's not a gamebreaker, not by any means - I still adore the game, but I wish it was just about the exploration and gathering of plants, without the need to abandon all that from time to time just because a pestering, overgrown cat wants to come give a hug. I just want to take my time navigating this place in peace so please kitty, would you kindly get the fuck off!

But yeah, any method that would help drive the thing off and leave me alone?
Nope, you only have 2 options : hide or run.