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I usually love maps in all types of games, and enjoy using them to know exactly where I am while playing. But Miasmata's mapping system so far has me stumped. I understand how "triangulation" works and all that, but what I'm not getting is how to make new map sections appear using (I suppose) this "triangulation". What is frustrating me is that when in map mode, I don't understand why I can click on some points (empty triangle) and not others (triangle with question mark inside). When I'm standing right next to a statue and can very clearly see it, why can I not click on it? My understanding is that you should be able to click on "known" locations. If I'm standing right next to a statue, how can its location be "unknown"? The same applies to statues I've stood next to a few moments before: When I walk away then look back and try to map-click on it, it is still "unknown" (triangle with "?").

I've only gotten a very few map sections to appear using "triangulation", but I honestly don't know how or why these attempts "worked" and others don't. Of course, when I find actual maps, large sections appear, but I'd really like to understand how to get more of the map revealed, as this would make the game much more enjoyable for me.

Could anyone please give some insight or explanation on how this works or what I may be doing wrong?

EDIT: Ok, I guess no one here on GOG knows how to do this, so I spent the time to learn it on my own. It is not easily understood from both the in-game instructions nor the game manual, but I was able to "trial-and-error" it.

BTW, The Steam Miasmata forums have much more active members and information for anyone interested in game information or hints.
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You make landmarks available for mapping by revealing the area around them first.

When you find those maps, you make all the landmarks revealed by those maps available for triangulation; basically, say you've found a map in a hut, and that map 'reveals' the hut and, say, a statue near it. Now go to a point further away and triangulate your position using the hut and the statue, the area in which you're standing will be revealed on the map - and if there are any landmarks in that area, they can be used for triangulation.

The person whom can explain this succinctly is a goddamn genius.
Thanks for the response, wiz!

After having mapped nearly half of the island(s), I only now think I understand and am "mapping" effectively, mostly because of the excellent explanation on the Miasmata WIKI (linked below). I'm not complaining, because I've actually had quite a bit of fun doing little to nothing towards the main plot, but mostly just trying to uncover as much of the map as possible. Totally unique and fun!

If anyone is having trouble understanding how the mapping works, I highly recommend reading the Cartography section on the WIKI.