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Hey guys,

I admit, I downloaded the GOG version of this game off a torrent site. Now, before you go flipping out, hear me out: I've bought games off GOG before, and have no problems paying for inexpensive games. But spending $15 on a game that I wasn't sure I'd like was a little too much for me, so I downloaded it with the idea that, if I liked it, I would gladly pony up the cash. I still stand by that, because it sounds like a completely interesting game.

As others have experienced, it ran very choppy for me, even on the absolute lowest graphical settings. I've heard many times (through the boards here, and on Steam) that they were going to release patches for these issues, and optimize them for weaker machines. My question is: Has that ever happened? The version I downloaded was two years old, so I'm just wondering if anything has been done in the meantime. If so, I'll wait until it's on sale to buy it and just pray I like it. Otherwise, I know that it's not going to run on my system.

Thanks, everyone!

EDIT: Nevermind. Just saw the sticky for Version 2 upgrade. Sorry 'bout that!
Post edited December 23, 2014 by Chonchko