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GOG had this sale where you would get 80% off any 5 indi games. I only wanted 4 of them, so I had to throw something I didn't want on to the order to take advantage of the sale. Miasmata was the one I went with. The description made it sound like there wasn't a whole lot to do in the game. I was quite sure that I would enjoy the game for an hour or so, then get bored.

I have been playing the game for quite a while now. The description is perfectly accurate about what there is to do in this game. Its not a whole lot. Playing it for as long as I have now should have made more bored out of my mind. I am not bored though. There may be very little to do in this game, but doing it is very entertaining. I cant say as though I can go around recommending this game to people. I do however want to tell people that they shouldn't be so quick to dismiss the game. Unfortunately, I cant be specific about why this game is as entertaining to me as it is. I shouldn't be having this much fun.
Simple: The environment looks believable for a change, you are really alone on this vast island group with a threat (virus and kitty) which triggers your survival instinct, and your curiosity because you want to know what happened with you. This alone would not work, but you feel constant progress by mapping the island and thus removing the danger of not knowing where you are step by step.
Also: Congratulations for playing this masterpiece.
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