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Since I started playing Miasmata I have loved the concept but hated the cat monster as it is too random for my liking. Now I always thought there was just one creature however after leaving the tent I seem to encounter a creature at a similar point which ever way i go. Putting this to the test I head along the path north until I saw the creature in the distance a head. I then ran as fast I could south along the path only to encounter the creature a head of me at exactly the same point I have discovered it in a previous life.

So running doesn't work, hiding doesn't work, throwing stuff at it doesn't work, sleeping for an extra 24 hours doesn't work.. To me my only option is to start again unless someone can give an alternative suggestion?
This question / problem has been solved by charbonimage
There's only 1 monster. And there are some places where the creature will always spawn when you enter them. You just need to avoid them.
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Thanks for the confirmation. Looks like I was stuck between 3 spawn points then. Just felt very weird running away from a monster, then directly into a monster.