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I'm surprised at how much I like, maybe love, this game. I love exploration and Miasmata allows for it in the purest way. I also appreciate a lot the technical work done by the Johnson brothers: impressively realistic graphics, very fitting music (is there anything this two guys cannot do?) and a very well designed world.

In summary, I really wish this game to be played by a lot of people and these guys to make a ton of money and keep developing games. However, I haven't heard much about Misamata after release and that worries me. What do you people think? Have you heard any positive news about the game? Has it sold well? Is people talking about it? It would be a real shame if it weren't so. I hope they at least are featured in some Humble Bundle, I think they deserve it.
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Well it is a two-people game and it got coverage in RPS, it got released here where releases are much more ... Individual, and a game by such a small team is successful even when not all that many people buy it. I do think that a lower price point would contribute to far more sales, on the other hand the game is quite niché (and it has filled this niché quite nicely,) so I don't think the devs are regretting making it now.
$15 seems just about right to me, actually. To be honest, $10 would feel too low. That being said, I LOOOOOVED it. It's definitely niche, but they seem to have a decent amount of people hanging out on their Steam forums, and I believe they're planning on making a new game in a similar survival model, but learning from the flaws in Miasmata and experimenting with some different changes.
I sure hope so, these guys deserve to be successful, Miasmata is truly a one of a kind experience.
And gametrailers have just released a review with ~100,000 views already. I guess I can relax now.
After completing it, I think it's one of the ten best PC games of all time. I don't know if that means it's successful.
If future survival games incorporate at least some of the great ideas of this game, I'd say the project has been successful.
This is one of my all-time favorite games. Excellent game. It has challenge, intrigue, scares, a good story and is absolutely beautiful...some scenes breath-taking. I'm playing it now...again !! And each time it changes. Just can't get better than that.

Joe and Bob Johnson are working on another game and I will be a buyer for sure.

ETA: I consider this game a classic.
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Sounds like Daikatana if it had a sequel