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I didn't find any settings file in the save or the game folders and i emailed the developer support. Thought to ask if anyone here knows about it. I'll post here if the developer responds.
The dev responded to me and informed that this is a requested feature and hopefully will be added soon.
Thanks for your efforts and thanks for keeping us posted! I too, would appreciate a FOV slider.
I came to this board to ask exactly the same thing. As soon as I loaded up the game, within seconds I start feeling my vision "messed up". The FOV is extremely narrow and it honestly makes it unplayable (for me at least). Really hope this gets patched soon since the game looks very interesting
Same problem here, I can't play because of the small FOV.

But the developer said they are going to address the FOV and framerate issues in an update which they hope to release later this week.

So it looks like we will be able to enjoy this game very soon :)
Post edited December 04, 2012 by Verwandlung