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I'm not sure if my issue is cause the GOG version is already patched or if its because the updater is looking for the original version or what but I'm trying to install controller mod fixes via PCGamingwiki and every time I attempt to launch it I'm greeted to the install button greyed out despite showing the correct directory where i have the game installed. The readme file from 2003 said to manually confirm the dir. even if it was showing it and I did just that and its still giving issues.

If this is a simple fix or even if the GOG version of version 1.0 is replicating the OG version 2.0 then please let me know as I'm not experienced with modding stuff like this and would like to learn how to as my only experience with modding was dragging and dropping enhanced assets for FF8 into a custom folder in the game directory so i got lucky there and while its similar here it is also dealing with a core folder which is worries me as I've tried to do something similar with GTA SA and lets say the game wont install at all on my PC now and no i didn't replace files on the disc if you were wondering,
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