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Hey i am playing the original MG for the first time ever and thought i would save you some time with figuring out the controls. Havent figured them all out yet so feel free to add to this post

You move my pressing arrows on the keyboard. You receive and make Codec call using D button. A and S buttons bring up equipment and weapon select. You save by pressing ENTER and then C, then choosing the save slot.

Kinda uninintuitive but i guess it's to be predicted from a game released when the Soviet Union existed

EDIT making a punch is C i think
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X for using selected weapon.
Also, how to use Rations?
Ivanukovich: X for using selected weapon.
Also, how to use Rations?
Press a to bring up the menu. Press C to use rations.
There is a separate config utility in game folder that you can use to remap bindings. It can be found in GOG Galaxy as well, under 'Game Configuration' shortcut.
Using a controller and the item button is same as punch. I couldn't use rations, they would only get used when I ran out of health.

Also, I'd like to use the control pad instead of analogue stick, but the config doesn't seem to recognize it. I assume I could set it manually with the actual config file, but need to know the number to put in.

Anyone have that info just to make it easier? :)
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you can check and edit keys in "setting.exe"
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