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Part of our mission as GOG.COM is to bring back and preserve classic games. We're not game developers though, and we're not making remakes of these games.

Our work is always based on the latest official version of the game available. This way we make the original experience playable again on modern systems and leave any additional enhancements up to the user's choice.

Sometimes we also add technical improvements and fixes in this process, like we did for METAL GEAR SOLID games. We received a lot of questions from you and decided to share the full list of fixes that were implemented before both games were re-released.


- added out-of-the-box compatibility with modern Windows 7/8/10 OSes
- added borderless and windowed modes, configurable v-sync, integer scaling, gamma correction, anti-aliasing, and anisotropic filtering
- unlocked higher resolution modes supported by the user's GPU/monitor
- fixed majority of Direct3D, DirectSound, and DirectShow issues


- fixed software & hardware rendering mode
- fixed FMV cutscenes not playing properly (video decoder issues)
- fixed mouse cursor not hiding properly
- fixed captions slowdown
- severely reduced stealth camo lag
- fixed - game asking for a CD when only C & D disks are present on a machine
- fixed a known bug when Otacon sometimes fails to open the door to the control room near the end of the game


- fixed game hanging on launch on machines with non-Sound Blaster cards
- fixed hardware rendering mode
- fixed missing textures and shadows
- fixed video playback
- fixed - game asking for DVD
- fixed an elevator crash in Shell 2 Central building

We continue to listen to your feedback and plan to introduce additional fixes in the near future.

You can also try the unofficial and fan-made mods, like the ones listed for METAL GEAR SOLID and METAL GEAR SOLID 2 SUBSTANCE in the PCGamingWiki. Please have in mind that you install these mods at your own risk. Some of them might reverse changes introduced by GOG.COM and affect your overall experience.
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