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Used service for the first time with this game and the service was great, downloads were at a fast speed, game installed easy enough onto Vista 64-bit and it runs as advertised.
Game has some fantastically original idea's and you can see the potential with it, if you can get past the flaws of the game regarding bugs and visuals this is a 4.5 star game. Being able to posses people and then commit suicide is fun.
Technical issues:
I found that patch 0.2 would not install after the installation.
The resolutions to choose from on the menu's do not match my screen dimensions.
The graphics appear glitchy, as in the people and scenery seem to be moving/jerking.
Voice audio is difficult to hear.
It is more of a puzzle game than action, action is too simple and no combat tactics needed. However stealth tactics and puzzle solving is required.
This game would be amazing on a new stable engine, I will definately finish this game as long it can run all the way through.