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Hello angels,

I got a sound probleme that i saw on some forum (here and steam) but with no answer. It s explain it with more details.

The probleme is that the sound is progressively muting (in a few seconds). Then afer that, somtimes, appears again shortly and finaly disappear totaly.

The first time it appends is precisely the second call of god ( whith the voice in your head) at the beginning of the game (after door 4 if i m right ?).
It happens with glide or D3D exécutable, and with gog or steam version. (win 10)

When sound is muted, i can reactivate it by modifying the volume in sound option. But when i return to game, sound goes off again.

Sounds like a software bug.

I anyone have encounter this issue or have a clue ?
Thanks :
Hi there!

I've managed to play the game just fine, no issue at all (just few bugs that lead me to desktop, but fixed by using glide)

To me, seems something is continuosly pushing the "volume down" button.

Are you playing on a laptop? Which USB devices you have left plugged in while playing?