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when i start the game intro movie goes and i start as a cop. everything is ok and smooth.
problem starts when first info screen [popup with info] pops up - sound is getting crunchy :(
when i exit the game to windows - and play some music - sound is still crunchy :/ and i have to reboot
i tried to:
- choose another sound driver in sound menu
- turning off music (first i thought this is some music /cd-player issue)
i have HP Pavilion dc9000 laptop and winXP media center sp-3
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I've got the same lappy but running Vista64 and my sound seems fine. have you updated the sound drivers recently? Are you using the onboard sound card or an expresscard?
Lowering hardware acceleration might also help (open control panel, sounds & audio devices, audio tab, advanced button then performance tab)
Does your machine get blisteringly hot after a few hours of gaming? That docking station port on the side get so hot I can't keep my finger on it for longer than a few seconds. I've never been sure if thats the norm for that lappy of if mine is running too hot
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yeah - i have all drivers up to date .
i'm using onboard sound card.
and i think it's not an overheat issue - sound is ok as long as game is not poping up infoscreens