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Just imagine playing Sonic the Hedgehog where you can possess people. Because you know that days coming. Now that you’ve got the concept behind this game. Your name is Bob and you’re a cherub sent from heavin by God. Before you change the channel let me say, that makes for a lot of interesting predicaments. There is so much comedy in this game and weird ways to die it’ll have you laughing for hours. Now if I remember correctly there’s some “evil corporation” corrupting the world and some how a pimp is involved. I’d say that’s ripe for comedy. The game has a cyberpunk feel and it did remind me of the movie Heavy Metal where it seems each segment has a different story. Which makes the game kind of hard to follow. The graphics are a little glitchy but it doesn’t take away from the fun. Anyway buy it you’ll have a blast. I’ve played through it 4 times and it never gets old.